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JK/SK -€“ The SK program familiarizes these young students with community helpers, our local Fire, Police and EMS professionals. The focus of the program is on teaching safety on the playground and while riding a bicycle, as well as fire, railway, home and community safety. Traffic and road safety is taught by a Police Officer through "€˜Elmer'€™s Seven Traffic Safety Rules"€™ and highlights include a puppet show and visit by Elmer himself. At the conclusion of this engaging class the children head outdoors for a guided tour of the Village where they are encouraged to apply the lessons they learned in the classroom.

Grade 1 -€“ Participants of the grade 1 class are greeted by Sparky the Fire Dog who escorts the students to the fire classroom. In this interactive room that replicates a real home, students talk to a firefighter to learn how to avoid and stay staff during a fire. This program includes planning a fire escape route, illustrates the importance of having and checking smoke alarms and the guidelines to follow should they come face to face with a real fire.

Grade 2 -€“ Our most popular program at the Village is our grade 2 safety program that offers students a fun and educational day culminating in a chance to cruise the outdoor Village in one of our pint-sized jeeps. The program is taught by a police officer who challenges the students to learn and then identify safety rules and safe practices in the home and in their community. The interactive classroom learning is followed by a safety walk through the Village, and the jeep ride.

Grade 3 -€“ Our grade 3 program takes a deeper look into fire safety and hazards. After an overview of the importance of creating an escape plan, students experience a guided tour of Sparky'€™s house where they play detective and identify hazards in this replica of a real home environment.

Grade 4 -€“ The focus of our grade 4 program is bicycle safety. By this age, most students have already learned to ride a bike and in this class they learn how to do so safely. This program covers all the essentials to keep kids safe when they a€™re riding, from the rules of the road to using hand signals and ensuring a properly fitted helmet. Once all these aspects are covered, the students have an opportunity to ride through the Village and demonstrate all that they have learned.

Grade 5 - In our grade 5 program we explore natural and manmade disasters. Students are divided into groups, given a scenario and asked to prepare an emergency kit for their given situation. This program, led by a Fire Education Officer, is an engaging hands-on learning experience that challenges students to always be prepared by showing them what could happen if they a€™re not. 

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